The AP Calculus AB Exam

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The AP Calculus AB Exam,详细的为参加AB考试的考生介绍整场考试的基本情况。考生们务必了解,有助于你正确应对整场AB考试。

准备报考AP Calculus AB的同学注意了,请迅速拿起手中的电话,与我们取得联系,预约课程,为满分5分保驾护航!切勿错过机会。优先报名者,赠送《AP微积分辅导手册》和《AP微积分真题导练》并获得吴文忠老师的亲自指导!


The AP Calculus AB Exam measures students' understanding of the concepts of calculus, their ability to apply these concepts, and their ability to make connections among graphical, numerical, analytical, and verbal representations of mathematics.

《AP微积分辅导手册(AB&BC)》 吴文忠著

Students need strong foundations in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and elementary functions to be prepared for the exam, though the course focuses on differential and integral calculus.

Students may not take both the Calculus AB and Calculus BC Exams within the same year.

The free-response section tests students' ability to solve problems using an extended chain of reasoning. During the second timed portion of the free-response section (Part B), students are permitted to continue work on problems in Part A, but they are not permitted to use a calculator during this time.

Format of Assessment

Section I: Multiple Choice | 45 Questions | 1 hour, 45 minutes | 50% of Exam Score

  • Part A: 30 questions; 60 minutes (calculator not permitted)
  • Part B: 15 questions; 45 minutes (graphing calculator required)

Section II: Free Response | 6 Questions | 1 hour, 30 minutes | 50% of Exam Score

  • Part A: 2 problems; 30 minutes (graphing calculator required)
  • Part B: 4 problems; 60 minutes (calculator not permitted)

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