教材研究:Cliffs AP Calculus AB and BC

Aug 01, 2016  From:Original  Author:AP数学组
《Cliffs AP Calculus AB and BC》也在外国学生中被一部分同学所知道。吴文忠老师在编写《AP微积分辅导手册》的时候,有研究过这本书,今天给大家展示一下这本书。

虽然不及巴郎(Baron)和普林斯顿(Princeton)微积分被的知名度高,《Cliffs AP Calculus AB and BC》也在外国学生中被一部分同学所知道。吴文忠老师在编写《AP微积分辅导手册》的时候,有研究过这本书,今天给大家展示一下这本书。

《Cliffs AP Calculus AB and BC》
《Cliffs AP Calculus AB and BC》

相比较而言,当然是《AP微积分辅导手册》比较适合中国学生,和中国国内高中课程衔接更好,也更能符合中国学生的口味。就对接英美语言思维而已,《Cliffs AP Calculus AB and BC》也有它的优势所在,接下来就看看《Cliffs AP Calculus AB and BC》给我们的Study Guide Checklist。


《Cliffs AP Calculus AB and BC》的学习清单如下:

1.Read the outline of topics given in the Advanced Placement Course Description--Mathematic:Calculus AB,Calculus BC (the "Acorn Book", available from your teacher or directly from Educational Testing Service). Be sure to look at the left column for AP Calculus AB.(需要考试大纲的可以和吴文忠老师联系获取。)

2.Read "Questions Commonly Asked the AP Calculus AB and BC Exams" in this guide.

3.Read "Topics Covered on a Recent AP Calculus AB or BC EXAM."

4.If you do not already have one,buy a graphing calculator before proceeding any further. Be sure you are familiar with the necessary functions and how to access them for your particular calculator.(图形计算器这部分,吴文忠老师有专门的课程讲解。)

5.Go through each of the specific topics. Read or skim the explanations. Work through the examples in the text and then complete the questions at the end of each chapter. Practice writing out your answers to the free-response questions in thorough, precise from, as if they were a part of a real AP exam.(自由选择题,请参考吴文忠老师的相关课程。)

6.Memorize important facts (see the list under "Strategies for the Exam").A set of flash cards may be useful. Be sure to know the key term listed in the appendix.

7.Take the first full-length practice exam(the AB exam).Simulate actual test-taking conditions.Grade the practice test using the answer key and the grading rubric.

8.Analyze your results from the first test.Identify subject areas that you seem to know well and those you need to practice more. Review the latter by rereading the appropriate section and/or working through the examples.

9.Take the second full-length practice exam(the BC exam).Again,simulate testing conditions and grade the test.

10.Analyze the results from the second test and review any weak areas.

11.Just prior to the actual exam,review your memorized facts and fresh set of batteries in your calculator.

12.Take the exam.