Lin Lin同学收到西方学院的Offer

Jul 06, 2014  From:offer  Author:西方学院
Lin Lin(林灵)同学系吴老师2014年(期)AP微积分学员,最后以优异的成绩获得了波士顿大学(Boston University)的Offer并在波士顿大学进行深造,除波士顿大学之外,Lin Lin还收到了来自全美多份Offer,这里和大家分享其中一份Offer:西方学院(Occidental Col

Lin Lin(林灵)同学系吴老师2014年(期)AP微积分学员,最后以优异的成绩获得了波士顿大学(Boston University)的Offer并在波士顿大学进行深造,除波士顿大学之外,Lin Lin还收到了来自全美多份Offer,这里和大家分享其中一份Offer:西方学院(Occidental College)


March 21,2014

Lin Lin

Apartment 7-1-902,Shangxin Yuan,Xinghewan,Panyu Dist。

Dear Lin:

Lin Lin同学收到西方学院的Offer
Lin Lin同学收到西方学院的Offer

Great news! I am delighted to invite you to join Occidental College as a member of the Class of 2018.

Our admission staff was impressed not only with your academic accomplishments but also with your energy,motivation, and independence --all qualities Occidental Values in its students. We are confident you will add to the intellectual and social vitality of our close-knit campus.

There is no better way to learn about Oxy than to pay us a visit,so we hope that you and your family choose to attend one of our admitted student receptions on Friday,April 4,or Friday,April 18. Alternatively, we encourage you to visit at any other time during the month of April that's convenient for you. Please consult admint.oxy.edu for more information.

To secure a place in the College, there are three steps you must complete by Thursday, May 1,2014,through the online Application Portal(admission.oxy.edu/account/login);

1. Complete the online Admitted Student Reply From.

2. Submit your non-refundable enrollment deposit of $500.

3. Complete the online Residence Information Form.

Please note that your admission is contingent upon successful completion of your current academic program with final grades and school conduct consistent with the quality of your application.

In addition, you are being admintted with the understanding that your parents have sufficient financial resources to meet all of your educational expenses at Occidental for four years and that you will not be applying for financial aid during your time at the College.

I hope you will share the good news of your admission with the teachers who have inspired and encouraged you and the counselors who have supported your application. Together with your family and friends, they will want to celebrate your achievment. Congratulations!